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Small batch jams & preserves worthy of your palate

We are all Worthy.

What Makes Our Jam
So Worthy?

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Small Batch Jam Company

Worthy is a Calgary-based jam and preserves company founded by Ashlee Steinhauer. In 2014, Ashlee became passionate about making jam while in a 12-step recovery program. A couple years later, Ashlee started to get her zest for life back and decided to focus on making jam full-time. The importance of recovery is the backbone of Worthy. Ashlee wanted a name that related to addiction and the recurring theme she noticed of addicts feeling unworthy. She experienced how the stigma that surrounds addiction can affect an individual's self-worth. Ashlee uses her platform to normalize conversations about addiction and aims to make every jam-lover feel Worthy.  

Featured Jams

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Small Batch Jams
Made With Love & Care

Worthy’s jam flavours include Earl Grey Lavender Peach, Strawberry Cardamom, and Vanilla Rhubarb. These flavours are what make Worthy jams distinct. Our customers enjoy that the jams are not your average jar. Worthy jams are made without artificial sweeteners, flavours, and colors. They are vegan, gluten-free, and made with natural citrus pectin and organic cane sugar.

We're a Certified Giving Organization!

What does that mean?

Long story short, it means we care. We have partnered with Pachira Social Enterprise to help empower giving.

What is Pachira?

Pachira is a social enterprise that integrates daily purchasing with the power to give in ways that work for you.

How does it work?

Pachira users shop to earn funds in their giving accounts which they can then donate to as many social causes and charities as they want! If you are a Pachira user, make sure to fill out the box in our checkout by simply typing “Yes” or "No". That way we can keep track of our customers who are Pachira users. Thank you!

Giving Back

In addition to Pachira Certified Giving, Worthy donates 10% of profits to Canadian based addiction recovery charities.

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Worthy Messages

" As someone who has struggled with addiction/recovery for several years, I was pleasantly surprised when reading the owner's note on the jar, as well aslooking further into her story on her website. Hearing other people's stories means a lot to me, as addiction is a very isolating and lonely disease and canabsolutely make you feel UNWORTHY. Thank you so much for sharing your story. As for the jam, it is absolutely delicious and completely exceeded my expectations! I am so happy I have found this product and look forward to repurchasing in the future!! Congratulations on your recovery and finding your passion "

Ariana Torabi

" I ordered a few different flavours, but have only tried the Earl Grey Lavender Peach one so far. If it is any indication, I'm sure they will all be amazing! Last summer I bought a peach jam in Peachland, BC... this one is much better! Love it and will definitely be purchasing again "

Marissa Schmidt

" I just wanted to send a note of encouragement.... I work in addictions in mental health and it is so refreshing to see someone like yourself promoting sobriety, reducing stigma and supporting addiction services. It doesn’t hurt that your jam might be the best thing I’ve eaten in 6 years... I swore a little bit, not word of a lie "

Danielle Beaver

" Hi there! Today I received a jar of jam from one of my students as a random act of kindness. I was touched by the gesture but also happy to discover your company. I LOVE the message behind it. Brilliant "

Bella Daignault
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Hi, I’m Ashlee,
artisan canner and founder of Worthy.

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