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Are the products home made?

All our products are small batch and locally made in a commercial facility, not in a home.

Are the products vegan?

Yes, all of our products are vegan but not certified.

Are the products gluten free?

Yes, the products are gluten free, but not certified.

Are the products peanut free?

Yes, the products are free from peanuts; however, are not certified to be peanut free.

Are the products all natural? What is monocalcium phosphate?

Yes, they are natural. We use quality ingredients: non-GMO fruit, pure non- preservative based pectin, and organic sugar.

Monocalcium phosphate is otherwise known as calcium powder. It is used in our jam to activate the citrus pectin. While we strive to make our products as clean and natural as possible, we do use artificial vanilla extract in our vanilla rhubarb jam.

Is there dairy in the Chocolate Blueberry jam?

No, all of our products are vegan and dairy free. We use only pure cocoa powder in that jam variation.

How much sugar do you use? Do you make sugar free?

Most of our jams are 9-10g of sugar/TBSP. We do not currently make a sugar free jam.

What is the story behind the name Worthy?

The owner of the company, Worthy, is a woman in long term addiction recovery. She chose the name Worthy so she could battle the stigma that can, and often does, get applied to people who struggle with the disease of addiction.

What do you charge for shipping? Do you offer local pick-up?

Our Canada-wide flat shipping rate is $8/1st item and $3 for all items after that. Shipping is automatically calculated when shopping on our website. We also offer free pick-up in Woodbine, Calgary.

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